Biosafety Committee

SAHMRI Biosafety Committee


SAHMRI's Biosafety Committee (SAHMRI BC) primary objective is the protection of personnel, the general public, and the environment. To meet this goal, SAHMRI BC imposes requirements for safe laboratory and biological safety practices; reviews and approves policies, procedures, training, programs and facilities pursuant to the safe use of biological agents, other biological materials, and toxins.

SAHMRI's BC is also responsible for reviewing and approving those research and teaching activities conducted by researchers, staff, students, and/or visiting scientists on SAHMRI property, and/or under the control of SAHMRI, that involve the use of biohazardous materials including regulated animal and plant pathogens, biological toxins, and recombinant DNA molecules.

BC Meetings

Scheduled Committee meetings are planned in March, June, August and December each year.

Application Forms

Please contact the SAHMRI BC Executive Officer for further information: email or phone - 08 8128 4003

Submission of Applications

Applications must be received at least 14 days prior to a meeting to be considered at that meeting.

Signatures on the form: The SAHMRI BC will only accept electronic copies of forms; paper copies will not be accepted. There are two ways to submit:

1. Obtain physical signatures on a paper copy and then scan this and submit as a pdf.

2. Submit as a pdf converted from the Word document, and ask every co-applicant to send an email agreeing to their inclusion on the application to

Make sure all emails have in the title line the appropriate reference to the application.

Please convert the signed form into a pdf before submitting. Other useful forms and docs:

Overview of SAHMRI IBC

OGTR Fact Sheet Regulatory System Overview

Sample Movement Log

Out-of-Session Approvals

Where work is needed to commence urgently and the dealing is low risk, the Committee may be able to approve the application out-of-session. This is the exception, not the norm. If you wish your application to be considered out-of-session, please inform the executive officer, who will consider the nature of the application and advise accordingly.

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