PIRL is located at Gilles Plains, 15 km northeast of the city centre of Adelaide, and has comprehensive facilities enabling us to support a wide range of preclinical research. Within the site ComPath provides Health Monitoring and Disease Surveillance Programmes, Preclinical Services provides preclinical safety and efficacy testing and the Surgical and Imaging Facility (SIF) provides state-of-the-art imaging side-by-side with fully equipped surgical theatres. Post-surgery animals are able to progress from indoor pen holding, to undercover pens, to paddocks. The site has 25 acres of paddocking for the holding of sheep or goats, configured as 22 paddocks. This enables groups of sheep to be held under natural conditions.


  • Five large surgical theatres
  • Designated post-mortem room
  • Surgical support areas
  • 45 person meeting room with AV equipment
  • Indoor large animal holding
  • QC1/PC2 certified paddocks, indoor holding and surgery for projects involving imported material or genetically modified animals requiring this level of containment by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources/OGTR
  • Type C Radiation laboratories
  • Computer access, office space and access to amenities (kitchen and shower) for researchers