The PIRL site has multiple OGTR-certified facilities to support a range of work with transgenic organisms (including animals), gene therapies and vaccine vectors.

A Large Animal Holding Facility is adjacent to the surgical and imaging suites, making PIRL a complete package for commercial GLP or research projects. This is comprised of:

  • Five large surgical theatres
  • Surgical support areas
  • 25 acres of paddocking for the holding of large animals
  • QC1/PC2 certified paddocks, indoor holding and surgical theatres for projects involving imported material or genetically modified animals requiring this level of containment by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources/OGTR
  • Post-surgery progress from indoor pen holding, to undercover pens, to paddocks.
  • Designated post-mortem room
  • 45 person meeting room with AV equipment
  • Computer access, office space and access to amenities (kitchen and shower) for researchers

Recently, PIRL has refurbished several dedicated Small Animal Holding Areas. These include:

  • Small Animal Facility (SAF; conventional housing)
  • PC2 holding
  • Gnotobiotic facility
  • Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP)

The PIRL site has both indoor and outdoor Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP). A QAP is a facility approved by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (formerly DAFF/AQIS) for the purpose of receiving, storing and dealing with materials that are subject to quarantine. Our research support team can offer advice for import requirements and applications.

QAP facilities include:

  • QC1/PC2 Surgical theatres
  • QC1/PC2 Indoor large animal holding
  • QC1/PC2 large animal grazing facility (paddock)
  • QC1 laboratory space and storage
  • QC2/PC2 Small animal holding
  • QC2/PC2 laboratory space including a biosafety cabinet

By being a node of the National Imaging Facility (NIF), PIRL is renowned as a state of the art large animal research imaging facility with access to a network of imaging specialists, locally and around Australia.