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The health and medical research undertaken at SAHMRI is enhancing and strengthening the research being undertaken across the state, around Australia and the world.

Our researchers are committed to transforming innovative health and medical research into practical benefits for patients and the community. In fact, SAHMRI is already building national and international collaborations with leading research institutions around the world.

Our organisation is attracting key researchers across seven research themes, addressing some of the most pressing and critical problems that confront our health and wellbeing today.

In each of these themes, SAHMRI researchers are focusing their efforts on developing and pioneering new treatments. In addition, they are taking the lead in clinical trials that will help inform future research activities across the globe.

If you have any queries about our research activities, please email info@sahmri.com.

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SAHMRI is located on the traditional lands of the Kaurna Nation.

The SAHMRI community acknowledges and respects the traditional owners, the family clans who are the Kaurna Nation from the Adelaide Plains region of South Australia. We acknowledge the clans of the Kaurna Nation and the sacred knowledge they hold for their country. We pay our respects to the Kaurna Nation, their ancestors and the descendants of these living family clans today.